Medhighlife is the best place to get your Medical Marijuana. We focus intensively on Medical Marijuana. Our main aim is to promote and sensitize people about the usefulness of medical marijuana.  Marijuana is not just a plant, it is a magic plant with a lot potentials, some of which are known and a lot of which is yet to be known. At  Medhighlife we do a lot of research too about cannabis and what it has to offer to both the sick and  healthy people and nature.  

Medhighlife was created in 2010 by The MediBrothers. Medibro is a collective for that delivers to medical marijuana patients in USA.The collective mission id to help patients find the right medication for their medical need, not based on popularity.Their no-nonsense approach to donations keeps our collective able to provide a top notch medibile line,and ever progressing hash selection, and medication that is truly that, medical grade

Medhighlife has grown beyond boarders due to our relentless efforts to make Medical Marijuana available for everyone everywhere at any time. Not only are we famous in USA and Canada where we are delivering and are capable of delivering medical marijuana at every door step, we are also breaking records in Europe by delivering Medical Marijuana to all the knocks and crannies of Europe, Australia and Asia. At Medhighlife, we know the needs and potentials Medical Marijuana and we have taken it as our priority to make Medical marijuana available where ever it is needed.  In 2013, Medhighlife had to setup a strategic base in USA from where we supply both retail and wholesale  to our worldwide customers.


At Medhighlife, it all starting from breeding and growing. Medhighlife breeds and grow medical marijuana at large scales. We grow topshelf cannabis at our locations in Colorado and Los Angeles. We do both indoor and outdoor. We grow the best Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.We use the moderm methods of growing using the best Feminized Marijuana Seeds.



Medhighlife has been testing Medical Marijuana in specialized labs. But August 2015, Medhighlife came up with it own Labs and we have been doing a good job. We have started testing for other dispensary.

Medhighlife testing includes both safety screening and potency analysis. Medicine that fails to pass safety screening is returned to the grower, and never provided to patients. Potency analysis measures the percentage of THC, CBD, and CBN. Summarized test results are displayed in our sample cases, and full test results are available upon request from a patient service associate.

The testing program has two main components: safety screening and potency quantification. Safety screening analyzes and detects contamination of pathogenic molds, which can threaten the health of patients with compromised immune systems. Potency quantification provides the percentages of three major cannabinoids: THC, CBD and CBN. Later stages of the program will include the use of patient surveys to develop a comprehensive database of the efficacy of medical cannabis.

Medhighlife patients are able to access the testing results in three ways: labels in display cases, labels on products, and a book of complete test results. Labels include percentages for THC, CBD and CBN; and are posted in medicine display cases, as well as affixed to the products themselves. A book containing complete spectrometry reports for each product is available at the service counter for those patients who desire more detailed analytical results. Testing services commenced with an initial launch period to identify and develop the logistics of sample collection and result identification.



The culture of discretion. Medhighlife is all about discretion. We are very discreet in our operation. Celebrities and most people don’t go to dispensaries because they must protect their reputation and their privacy. The desire for discretion is the most common trait in a Medhighlife client. From entertainment power brokers to soccer moms. Celebrity attorneys and city officials. Rocket scientists and rock stars. Medhighlife is the new standard in medical marijuana retail. When you order from Medhighlife, you are not only part of a clique, you are part of a cause.

The Quality and Quantity of our Products: Medhighlife produces the best quality medical marijuana in our own scale. Also, through Medhighlife large network of vendors, manufacturers, and cultivators (both internal and independent), the Company is able to provide its customer base with better quality products on a more consistent basis than competing services. This is because vendors know that Medhighlife has a reputation for honesty, legal compliance and most of all: buying power. And our quantity is always what you wanted.

Time and Convenience: By utilizing technology and implementing a business model based on logistics efficiency, Medhighlife is able to services clients quickly. Average delivery time is about 2-6 hours. Consistently offering between 50 – 150 products at any time, Medhighlife has the most robust delivery menu in all of USA and the rest of the world.

Our Customer Experience: Medhighlife settles for nothing less than providing its customers with a “mind blowing” customer experience through efficient systems, constant communication, and by employing a knowledgeable, compassionate, and motivated customer service team.

And top in the list is Trust: Medhighlife is not a startup company. The Medhighlife brand has become synonymous with marijuana delivery. Clients know that the product they receive will be exactly what is shown on the web site, tested for potency and safe to consume. Medhighlife clients know that whether speaking to an owner, manager, dispatcher or driver they will receive courteous, caring and knowledgeable professional.