we are legitimate business suppliers whose goal are to provide high- quality products and good customer services .We have an excellent reputation for being trustworthy and reliable for over this past years starting from an individual business ,we believe that marijuana should be made available to every one in a save and reliable way. HOW DO YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS? We are discreet in our shipping and operations ,we do not seek publicity ,and we advertise mainly through word of mouth ,so far American police have had higher priorities than going after us .How ever there is certainly a series risk involved for us doing this although we have licenses to operate. We have paid all taxes involve to run this business and we operate legally in the eyes of the US Government. WILL I GET BUSTED ORDERING FROM YOU? We have never had a customer suffer a legal problem due to ordering from us .How ever marijuana is still illegal in some states in America and there is always some potential risk .You can do your part by advocating among your friends and relatives an acceptance of marijuana .when the time comes to vote it would be nice if we were organized and support one another DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yes ,we do ship anywhere outside USA ,we provide a postal delivery service within the state,and out of the state. I LIVE CLOSE CAN I COME OVER AND PICK UP MY ORDER? No we will not meet you in person for you to pick up your order .there are No exceptions CAN SOMEONE TELL WHAT’S IN THE ENVELOP? we do our best to ensure that our packaging is discreet and nondescript .Everything is sent vacuum sealed .Our packages blend in with all other mail .Discretion is how we operate HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY ORDER? We usually ship your order within 2-5 business days of receiving payments .EMS can take from 3-7 business days to reach you depending on where you live . sometimes it takes longer if you are located in a remote area. WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T GET MY ORDER? We generally offer one replacement order for free ,but there are some exceptions. WHAT ABOUT LARGER ORDERS? We do not offer price breaks for larger orders beyond those listed on our order form .if you order a larger amount we will probably break it up into smaller shipments sent once a week. Our goal is to provide a service for personal use only.